Zimbabwe Land Issue Series of Discussion Articles

By Prof. Mandivamba Rukuni and Dr Dale Doré, 2012

The following are a series of articles on Zimbabwe's Land Question as introduced here [pdf]. The articles were written by Professor Mandivamba Rukuni and Dr Dale Dore at the invitation of, and for publication by, Sokwanele.

Sokwanele claims to be a Zimbabwe Civic Action Support Group that is campaigning non-violently for freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe.

This page has been setup to make the articles easily accessible for academic analysis and discussion without having to search for them. Links to the original article at the Sokwanele website have also been added. All citations should follow the guidelines provided by Sokwanele.

Articles by Professor Mandivamba Rukuni: Artciles by Dr Dale Doré:
  1. Why the land issue continues to define Zimbabwe’s past present and future. [pdf][html]
  2. Lost opportunities to de-racialise the land issue.[pdf][html]
  3. Update on preparations for a national land audit.[pdf][html]
  4. Current law as a basis of land compensation and rehabilitation: experience to date.[pdf][html]
  5. Land rights, tenure, and what is needed to convert the 99 Year Lease to bankability?[pdf][html]
  6. How the 1994 Land Tenure Commission can inform the Constitutional making on land.[pdf][html]
  7. A critique of the Wildlife and Forestry Based Land Reform Programmes.[pdf][html]
  8. Has the MTP provided sufficient guidance for future priority and investment into the land sector?[pdf][html]
  9. A framework for a comprehensive land and agrarian reform programme.[pdf][html]
  10. Modernising the traditional land rights system for sustainable development.[pdf][html]
  11. Prospects for social and racial integration in Zimbabwe’s agriculture.[pdf][html]
  12. My vision of Zimbabwe’s land issue 10, 20, 30 years on.[pdf][html]
  1. Land Policy in Zimbabwe: A Framework for Discussion Papers. [pdf][html]
  2. Nationalist Narrative and the Demise of the Resettlement Programme. [pdf][html]
  3. The Economics of Communal Land Tenure.[pdf][html]
  4. Changing the Rules of the Resettlement Game.[pdf][html]
  5. A Law unto Themselves.[pdf][html]
  6. Promises, Lies and Resettlement Funds. [pdf][html]
  7. TBA [pdf][html]
  8. TBA [pdf][html]
  9. TBA [pdf][html]
  10. TBA [pdf][html]
  11. TBA [pdf][html]
  12. TBA [pdf][html]
Zimbabwe Discussions, 2012
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